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The NFL and NBA this week moved to tighten COVID-19 prevention protocols ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday in anticipation of big celebrations—with boosters encouraging the NBA.

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The NBA plans to increase COVID-19 testing for players and staff during the Thanksgiving holiday in an effort to avoid major outbreaks, ESPN informed of Thursday.

NFL sent memorandum Teams on Tuesdays are required to require all players, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks at all times when their team’s facility begins on November 25, which is Thanksgiving Day, through December 1.

Beginning November 29, the NFL will require teams to install surveillance cameras in their weight rooms and cafeterias, in addition to those already in place elsewhere in team facilities to allow the league to confirm that players and staff are following protocol. are following.

NFL teams were reminded to implement off-field restrictions for unvaccinated players, such as not allowing them to gather in groups larger than three, attending nightclubs and bars with more than 10 people. Or attending concerts and other entertainment events.

Last week, NBA gave advice For players, coaches and referees to receive booster shots for COVID-19 vaccines, Johnson & Johnson to those receiving shots more than two months before and Pfizer or Modern Shots more than six months before those receiving additional shots Recipients urged, although the league does not yet require it.


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