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“Human One”, the follow-up to NFT artist Beeple’s record-breaking $69.3 million non-fungible token, sold on Tuesday for $25 million excluding hammer fees, which broke auction estimates for the artist’s first physical work.

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An online bidder in Switzerland placed the winning bid of $25 million at Christie’s Tuesday evening, ending with “Human One,” fetching $10 million more than auction estimates of $15 million.

It’s the first physical work from Michael Winkelman, who goes by the moniker Beeple and helped set off the NFT craze in March when his “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” sold for an unprecedented $69.3 million.

The “Human One” is a seven-foot-tall box made of LED screens that plays a loop of footage of a man wearing an astronaut-like suit, moving through an extraterrestrial-inspired background, with a rotating base that Shows different angles to the audience.

Winkelman will periodically edit videos that play on the screen using the blockchain, the artist said in a Christie’s statement, and plans to continue updating the footage throughout its lifetime.

The ability to continually move work around even after purchase creates a new dynamic between artist and owner, an “ongoing conversation” compared to Winkelmann.

Christie’s representatives said the piece garnered major interest from potential buyers shortly after the statue’s sale was announced last month.

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