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Former President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump seen on Fox News Hannity More on Wednesday claimed Turkey’s rising costs are part of a left-wing plan to destroy Thanksgiving and “divide” the country as a result of inflation, supply chain breakdown and labor shortages.

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Trump, Fox News contributor and wife of Eric Trump said Rising turkey prices are part of a liberal conspiracy to “change” and “change” America.chip away“In American Traditions.

Ultimately, the left wants to “divide Americans” and “don’t want us to have any common ground,” Trump said, claiming some areas did “away from Halloween” this year because they were “inclusive” of those people. Don’t celebrate who wanted to be.

In fact, according to the annual American Farm Bureau Federation, turkey prices have risen 24% over the past year. Survey, although this can mainly be attributed to high inflation, labor shortage And supply chain breakdown, not a heinous conspiracy from the left.

Higher turkey prices are driving up costs for Thanksgiving dinner, which rose 14% from 2020.

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