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White House Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Faucik said Feather good Morning America Monday’s President Joe Biden is unlikely to impose new restrictions – beyond a recent travel ban – as some other countries have implemented in response to the new Omicron version of the coronavirus, as Biden addresses the nation on the permeable new version. prepares for.

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Asked whether the country should expect “more changes, more restrictions” during Biden’s address on Monday’s edition, Fauci replied, “I don’t think so at all.”

The adviser said the country “just needs it”[s] To make sure we know we have the tools against [the] Viruses, in general,” adding that much is still unknown about the Omicron variant, “one thing we do know” is that vaccines and booster shots produce “very, very high” levels of antibodies. Huh.

Fauci did it before said ABC on Sunday said it was “too early to really say” whether restrictions such as lockdowns would be necessary in light of O’Micron until more data is available about the version, but noted, “You can’t do anything and everything.” want to be prepared for.”

Biden has already banned travel from several countries in southern Africa because of the Omicron version, which Fauci defended on Sunday, saying it would not prevent new tensions from entering the US, but “we need to be better prepared”. may delay enough.”


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