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Americans will need to pay for Thanksgiving dinner this November, as the average cost of a Thanksgiving feast for 10 hit an all-time high of $53.31, according to an annual American Farm Bureau Federation survey released Thursday.

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The price tag of $53.31 is a 14% increase from 2020, when the average dinner for 10 was $46.90.

The survey, in its 36th year, is based on buyer pricing data from 230 surveys completed in all 50 states and compiles prices on 12 staple Thanksgiving items like boxed stuffing and pumpkin pie mix.

Turkeys are the primary culprit for the price increase, as the survey estimates a 16-pound turkey will cost $23.99 this year, 24% higher than the 2020 $19.39 turkey price tag.

Expensive Thanksgiving tabs can largely be traced back to high inflation hitting US consumers as inflation reached 31-year high in October, coupled with sharply rising prices in meat, poultry, fish and eggs – due to significant labor shortage In meatpackers—a primary driving force behind the rise in consumer prices.

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