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The Nobel Prize will not establish any quota for women and ethnic minorities, the head of the Academy said on Monday, after the Nobel committee faced criticism over a lack of diversity among this year’s winners and the historically under-representation of women. Minorities in the list of awardees

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in one Interview With AFP, Göran Hansson, general secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, said it was “sad” that so few women have received the coveted award, but noted that the prize would eventually go to those “most found”. are “worthy”.

Hanson – who announced the chemistry, economics and physics laureates – said the small number of Nobel laureates reflected “unfair conditions in society” and acknowledged that much work had to be done on that front.

Nevertheless, Hanson said that the prize winners would be chosen for the most important discovery rather than by their gender or ethnicity because it was “in line with the spirit of Alfred Nobel’s last will.”

The Swedish scientist said the issue of gender quotas had been discussed by the academy three weeks ago, but was eventually dismissed over concerns that it might detract from the validity of an award.

She further emphasized that the Academy will ensure that “all deserving women have a fair chance of being evaluated for the Nobel Prize” and that “significant efforts” have been made to encourage the nomination of women scientists.

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59. He is total number The number of women who have won the Nobel Prize since its inception in 1901, which is only 6.2% of all winners. Filipino journalist Maria Rassa was the only woman among the 13 Nobel laureates this year.

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New Zealand physicist Laurie Winkles condemns the Academy’s stance on the issue Tweet: “Distressed but not surprised that the organization has retained its old attitude … A reminder: if the committee had had its way, Marie Curie would not have received the Physics Prize of 1903.” Winkles also noted that “many important women scientists such as Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Rosalind Franklin, Lise Meitner, Chien-Shiung Wu” have never received the award.

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