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North Korea last week launched a ballistic missile into the sea Tuesday morning after its first launch since October, Japanese and South Korean officials said, drawing the attention of the United Nations as the country rejects denuclearization demands from the US and other countries. continues.

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The South Korean military and the Japanese Coast Guard said the missile was launched from North Korea’s east coast at around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, landing in the sea outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone. according for Reuters, The Associated Press And this BBC,

The launch was convened by the United Nations Security Council to discuss last Wednesday’s North Korean missile launch, the first in months by the United States and several allies. cried monday as a “threat to international peace and security” according So far new York Times,

North Korea claimed the missile launched last week was “hypersonic”‘ – so fast it cannot be intercepted by current missile defense systems – although the South Korean military rejected this claim and considered it a normal ballistic missile.

The United Nations Security Council has banned ballistic missile launches by North Korea, meaning these recent launches could potentially impose further sanctions against an already isolated nation.

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