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A North Korean missile flew over Japan on Tuesday morning before crashing into the Pacific, according to the Japanese government, after residents of some areas took refuge after one of North Korea’s most penetrating missiles in years. Took.

Key Facts

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The missile appeared to land in the Pacific after passing over one of Japan’s islands, the office of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida tweeted,

Government officials told public broadcaster NHK that the missile flew more than 4,000 kilometers and landed in waters outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

were residents of two northern Japanese prefectures Allegedly Told to take shelter, and the country’s train operator stopped the service, according to NHK,

Kishida condemns missile launch Allegedly This is called an “abusive act”.

main background

North Korea regularly launches ballistic missiles At sea, the South Korean and Japanese governments, as well as the United States, denounced. But missile launches over Japan are much less common: according to NHK, only seven North Korean missiles have flown over the country in total, majority of recently in September 2017. North Korea has conducted nearly two dozen missile tests this year, at least Two of which include launching long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles as tensions in the region growth And as North Korean leader follows Kim Jong Un's strategy modernize your army,

what to see

South Korean intelligence officials think North Korea is preparing for a nuclear test in mid-October. Reuters Reported last week. This will mark the country's first nuclear test in five years. kim announced last month Despite this, North Korea will not give up its nuclear program strict restrictions His country has faced the development of weapons.

tangent line

Armies of South Korea, Japan and the United States driven before them joint anti-submarine exercises since 2017 last month, a move that came as North Korea wants to build Its submarine fleet.