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Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Harry Styles debuted his new gender-neutral beauty line plunging on social media Monday to gargantuan response by his fanbase, as the former boybander became the latest in a string of artists to try his hand at celebrity cosmetics. has gone. Business.

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Pleasing’s first drop includes four nail polish shades, an illuminating serum, and a lip and eye treatment, all inspired by pearls, which are heavy in the accessories Styles wears.

The line began as “a fun little project” that allowed Styles to “express herself with nail polish colors inspired by”small moments of happiness,“As the colors he saw on flowers or wallpaper, he told nervous magazine.

NS nervous The interview was accompanied by a photo shoot that Styles was wearing. avant-garde designer outfits Which quickly went viral online.

is marketed to both pleasing men and women, and brand website Shows both male and female models wearing the products, which retail between $20 and $35.

The announcement comes after months of speculation by Styles’ dedicated fan base, who saw him wear pleasing Just ahead of the launch of the brand, along with reports she filed a trademark For a cosmetics and fragrance line.


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