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New York City is making COVID-19 booster shots available to all adults, city officials announced Monday, the latest area to expand eligibility beyond federal guidelines, which recommend shots only for older and at-risk adults. does.

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Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi said He issued a commissioner’s advisory for healthcare providers in the state to ensure that adult patients are not deterred from requesting a booster shot.

Although hospitalizations from COVID-19 in New York City are “low now,” Chokshi said, adding that “cases have risen in recent days,” adding advanced protection from a booster dose could benefit many people as a result of colds. is coming.

Chokshi said healthcare providers should allow adult patients to determine their risk of exposure and that “providers should not turn a patient away when they request a booster,” provided they are over 18 years of age. and at least six months have elapsed since receiving them. Moderna or Pfizer’s final dose.

Chokshi said those receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine would have to wait at least two months since their last dose.


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