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Backing his insistence that children should be tutored in person despite a spike in COVID-19 cases, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said on Thursday that he was looking for a temporary remote alternative to public schools amid high rates of absenteeism. Must “entertain” to implement. Following the movement of students and teachers for distance learning and better Covid-19 school mitigation measures.

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Adams said he is willing to “sit down and have fun” with the head of the United Federation of Teachers if there is a way to do a temporary remote option.

The mayor insisted that he would still “continue to push” that students should attend school in person.

Adams cited the high number of student absenteeism as a reason behind his change of heart—the city’s schools had 76%. attendance rate As of Wednesday – saying they had to be “honest” that a “substantial” number of parents are keeping their kids out of school.

the mayor was said On Wednesday he believed it would take six months to establish the option of distance learning, which would have ruled it out this school year.

His remarks came after some high school students went out Tuesday, Emphasizing on distance learning option and better COVID-19 mitigation measures in school.

some teachers also opposed and filed indictment to emphasize better COVID-19 safeguards, and local lawmakers wrote a Letter Demand for remote option from mayor


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