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Former President Barack Obama is making another rare appearance for a fellow Democrat to stump in a razor-thin midterm contest, cutting an ad for Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) of Pennsylvania, the Senate nominee on Friday. Starting with the expectations. Pause on their falling electoral figures.

Key Facts

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Fetterman shared a 30-second ad on Friday featuring the former president, saying “the fate of our democracy and a woman’s right to choose” is on the ballot.

The nearly double-digit polling lead Fetterman held this summer on Republican Senate nominee Mehmet Oz is all but gone.

Obama comfortably led Pennsylvania in both of his presidential elections, winning the state by more than ten percent in 2008 and by more than five points in 2012.

tangent line

President Joe Biden has largely been an absentee for Democrats on the campaign trail. He barely mentioned Fetterman during a recent event in Pennsylvania, where Fetterman was in attendance.

big number

$46 million, According to ad tracking firm AdImpact, that much is booked in ad spend in Pennsylvania's Senate contest through Election Day (Nov. 8), making it the most expensive Senate race in terms of ads. Fetterman ads contributed $29.2 million - the most for any Senate candidate.

main background

Democrats have seen the long-open Pennsylvania Senate seat, held by retired Sen. Pat Tommy (R), as the best chance to rout a GOP-held Senate seat in the midterm, but voting in a close race nationwide. The drop in numbers has left many in the party concerned that they will not be able to hold on to any Republican-held Senate seats. speed change Republican Increasingly confident he would win control of both the Senate and the House. Fetterman has a 2.4 percentage point lead real clear politics Voting average.

amazing facts

Attendance for individual candidates for Obama has been rare since leaving office in 2017, but he plans a series of month-end rallies for Democrats in Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin before campaigning in Nevada on November 1. Closely contested Senate races in all states. The former president has turned down several other requests for attendance CNN,

what to see

Fetterman and Oz will participate in one of the most anticipated midterm debates on Tuesday night. The focus is expected to be Fetterman's health (he suffered a stroke shortly before the primary and will use closed captioning to read out debate questions) and Oz's weak ties to Pennsylvania. Fetterman has repeatedly portrayed Oz as a wealthy, longtime New Jersey resident who fails to connect with the average Pennsylvanian.

looked forward

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