Oil Companies Announce Large Profits From 2022 And Meta Stands Out From The Tech Crowd – Forbes AI Newsletter February 4th

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  • The Fed raised the base interest rate by 0.25 percentage points, a move that was widely expected by analysts
  • Oil companies announce their biggest ever profits in 2022, billions of dollars earned as war in Ukraine messes with global energy supply
  • Results in tech for Q4 were mixed, although Meta was an outstanding performer that saw its stock gain more than 23% in after hours
  • Top Weekly and Monthly Trades

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Major events that can affect your portfolio

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Economic and financial forecasts can be a bit like the weather. Sometimes, in the middle of summer or winter, when conditions are predictable and there is no immediate threat of a cyclone, they are much easier to fix.

When it comes to interest rates, that’s where we are right now. As widely expected, the Fed raised interest rates this month Decreased by 0.25 percentage points at the FOMC meetingSurprised practically no one.

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And let’s be honest, it’s nice to have a period without any crazy surprises from the left side of the field, considering the few years we’ve had. It also shows that the Fed’s expectations are being met so far. Inflation is slowly coming down and while the economy isn’t exactly booming, it hasn’t crashed either.

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The Fed’s quarterly percentage increase continues the slowing trend of rate hikes we’ve seen over the past two meetings. After several key rate hikes of 0.75 percentage points, rates rose higher than at any time prior to the 1980s.

This rate was reduced to 0.50 per cent in the last meeting and has now come down to 0.25 in February. The change brings the target rate to 4.50 – 4.75%, and inflation falls from a peak of 9.1% to the current rate of 6.5%.

Still high, but slowly getting back in the range of normality.

Further rate hikes in December are still a possibility with Fed members predicting the target rate will peak at 5.00 – 5.25% this year.


It’s earnings season again and we’ve seen some big announcements this week. As mentioned a few weeks back, oil companies have announced big quarterly profits and a bumper year overall. In fact, 2022 has been the most profitable year in the history of Big Oil.

For example, Exxon Mobil, the largest US oil producer, announced a profit of $55 billion in 2022. This makes them the third most profitable company in the world in 2022, only ahead of Apple and Microsoft.

Speaking of Silicon Valley, this week saw earnings announcements from the biggest companies in tech, including Amazon, Meta, Google, and the aforementioned Apple and Microsoft.

was meta Key Standouts This Quarter, mainly because Mark Zuckerberg stopped talking about the Metaverse for a change. The share price soared 23.28% on Thursday after the announcement with a focus on cost-cutting and slowing down their aggressive investment strategy.

Wall Street was less impressed than the rest, with stocks in Apple, Amazon and Alphabet trading down more than 3% each in after-hours trading on the back of their huge Q4 figures. Apple announced a drop in quarterly revenue, a rare occurrence for the company, which was heavily impacted by the closure of one of their Chinese factories.

Alphabet saw further declines in profits from advertising sales, and Amazon’s forecasts for the coming months were quite pessimistic. Announcements also come in between constant stream of layoffs in the field,

This week’s top themes from Q.ai

When Q.ai was acquired by Forbes, we gained access to some incredible resources for our investors. The most valuable of these is data.

There is a saying that ‘Data is the new oil.’ And while oil is still quite valuable as we look into 2022, the rest of the companies at the top of the profit tree generate all or most of their revenue from the data they collect.

When you’re selling products or services, the more data you can collect on your potential customers, the more you can optimize them and (hopefully) the more sales you can make.

When it comes to investing, data is how you gain an edge.

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top business ideas

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