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Former BBC anchor Katy Kay, one of OG Media’s biggest names, announced on Wednesday that she has resigned from the media company over “severely disturbing allegations”. New York Times that The company was exaggerating viewership and one of its leaders impersonated a YouTube exec during a business meeting with investors.

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The British anchor, who abandoned a decades-long career at the BBC for a position in Oz earlier this year, announced that she had resigned Twitter Wednesday.

She called the recently mentioned allegations new York Times report as “Serious” And “deeply disturbed,He said he felt he had no choice but to resign.

OG Media Board on Tuesday announced It hired an outside firm to “review the company’s business activities” and asked COO Sameer Rao, who allegedly impersonated a YouTube executive, to step away from the company during the investigation.

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according to a explosion column published this week in new York Timeshandjob Rao Goldman Sachs impersonated a YouTube executive during a business meeting with investors and praised Ozzy, who was considering leaving $40 million in the growing company. CEO Carlos Watson told new York Times Rao was facing a mental health crisis. The column also outlines allegations that Ozzy’s official audience is traffic. very small than it reports publicly. Watson denies the media company’s figures are inaccurate, he wrote in an email new York Times that Ozzy’s growth “is” turned out to be real

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