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The Green Bay Packers will sell $90 million worth of stock in the team to the public in hopes that funding will improve at Lambeau Field, marking the sixth time in the publicly owned team’s unique history that it has sold shares of the organization.

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The Packers will sell 300,000 shares starting Tuesday at 8 a.m. CST at $300,000 per share and will continue to sell through February 25, 2022, according to a Statement Released by the team on Monday.

The statement clarified, “stock in Packers does not constitute an investment in ‘stock’ in the common sense of the term,” and that “any person contemplating the purchase of Packers stock shall be entitled to receive or acquire the stock as a profit.” Should not buy for dividends or tax deductions or any other economic benefit,” because the stock has no underlying value and cannot be traded on the open markets.

The Packers are the only publicly owned, non-profit team in the NFL to offer stock to the public for the first time when it is almost gone. bankrupt In 1923, four years after the creation of the suffrage.

Since then it has made four more stock sales in 1935, 1950, 1997 and 2011.

The most recent stock offering in 2011 was also issued to renovate Lambeau Field, the oldest operating field in the NFL, first opening its doors in 1957.

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