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According to the Transportation Security Administration, a man accidentally dropped a weapon in a security check area at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport on Saturday, causing panic among passengers and a brief pause for departing flights, in which the agency Seizing a record number of firearms at airport checkpoints.

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TSA said A shotgun was flagged as an X-ray was going through the machine, and when a TSA officer went to check the bag, the passenger “pulled” the gun, holding the firearm. Took it and accidentally fired it.

The passenger fled and was told by airport officials Reuters He Atlanta police were trying to trace him.

airport officials Confirmed On Twitter, a “weapon was released” in a security check area at around 1:30 and there was no active shooter, finally all clear 3:24 pm

Atlanta Police Told CNN And CBS News that no casualties have been reported.

The Federal Aviation Administration temporarily halted departing flights in the afternoon, but soon clarified everything.

Businesshala Hartsfield-Jackson has reached out to the Atlanta Airport and Atlanta Police Department for comment on the investigation.

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