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Pennsylvania Election Officials on Wednesday ordered A recount in the state’s Republican Senate primary, after a preliminary count saw Trump-backed candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz defeated hedge fund CEO David McCormick by 902 votes, or about 0.07% of the total vote.

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Preliminary counts found that Oz received 31.21% of the vote, McCormick 31.14% and hard-right rebel candidate Kathy Barnett with 24.66%, while other candidates collectively received 12.97% of the vote, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State. said,

The department said a recount is automatic in Pennsylvania if the winning candidate’s vote falls within half a point of a total second-place finisher’s percentage.

County need to complete Submit results to the Office of the Secretary of State by noon the next day, and can begin re-counting of votes on Friday and no later than June 1.

According to the department, the recalculation is expected to cost taxpayers more than $1 million.

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