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Residents of La Palma in Spain’s Canary Islands were told on Wednesday to stay indoors and seal their doors and windows with tape and wet towels as lava flowing from the island’s Cambre Vieja volcano reached its west coast Due to which the fear of poisonous gas clouds had increased.

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Molten hot lava from the volcano flowed into the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday, ten days after its eruption, which wiped out hundreds of homes in the region and forced thousands of people to evacuate.

When the lava hit the surface of the ocean, clouds of steam and poisonous gases went up in the sky.

Anticipating this exact scenario, the authorities had already set up security Perimeter Residents of 3.5 kilometers and wider areas around the lava flow were asked to stay indoors and lock their doors and windows.

No deaths or major injuries have been reported from the eruption, but lava flows have destroyed at least 589 buildings in La Palma.

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