Playboy’s Metaverse Vision Can Double The Stock Price

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Following in the footsteps of Facebook’s decision to rename its brand as Meta, Playboy is revealing its entry into the metaverse of digital and real-world opportunity as its successful SPAC launch will transform its brand into a global lifestyle. and will carry on.

PLBY’s share price has risen 263 percent since its January 2021 launch, driven primarily by stellar acquisitions, likable CEO Ben Kohn and a slender-looking smattering of forward-looking Gen Z and Generation Alpha marketing talent. Down is for the team.

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Edge (leading research source into under-performing companies for worker participation, special status and spinoffs) interviewed exclusively on Zoom with Mr. Kohn to jot down his future vision for the brand.

Playboy, a brand still in the mainstream mistakenly considered by many to be just a top-shelf magazine, was taken private in January 2011. Now, nine years later, it was relaunched in January 2021 and changed its business model. It now describes itself as a consumer products company that covers sexual wellness, clothing and gaming. The magazine was put on the shelf and it is destiny that it will never return. The company now uses its famous logo on products such as lingerie, digital gaming and grooming. It is no longer associated with the Hefner dynasty; However, they are honoring founder Hugh Hefner’s original vision: creating original pieces of art in the shape of cartoon bunnies that depict Hugh’s cartoon-loving character from the original 1953 magazines.

But instead of the price of 50 in 1953, they sell upwards of $700 a pop in the form of digital non-fungible tokens (NFTs) 3D cartoon bunnies. Rabbit Colony containing 11,953 artifacts is stored live on the Ethereum blockchain and is available open sea. A peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, rare digital items and crypto collectibles.

Each “rabbit” has over 175 traits, including fur, ears, facial expressions, apparel, accessories, business-related features, and each owner can claim to belong to the Playboy Club.

But the Playboy Club won’t stop there, as Mr. Cohn has big plans to fill his metaverse with a global digital Playboy Mansion where people can drink, socialize and have fun with others from the comfort of their own homes. Huh.

Taking another step, the ball is already getting faster on, a curator-led platform that will allow women to take control of their stuff. a direct competitor to fan only, is an Internet subscription service where content creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content.

Kohn buys Dream Platform for $30 million to warp his metaverse before the end of this year.

The Playboy Mansion Metaverse will be a showstopper

Mr. Kohn told The Age: “At the Metaverse or Virtual Playboy Mansion we can reach audiences on a global basis, and we can do that by selling different levels of membership. I believe that is the lifestyle consumers want today. They want to have fun in their lives, especially after two years of being locked in their homes.

“We have a unique opportunity to deliver real-life events, but also virtual events like Travis Scott’s was with the fortnight. From a concert perspective, in fact, we’re focused on building a digital Playboy mansion using blockchain and fees and that’s exactly what Avatar is all about.

“At the end of the day, our company worked with some of the greatest talent in the world. The challenge is to relate with that talent, with an app, magazine, maybe they will come to some parties and adult stars, and so they can make their own. can set price guidelines. More importantly, Playboy Club also has the opportunity to discover, we plan to have music nights and other nights in a virtual way. And they range from major musicians to artists From comedians to playmates etc.”

Metaverse Angel is a Centerfold

Mr Kohn continued: “We had Playboy After Dark, which was a TV show they would perform on Playboy, but we had no way for them to continue to monetize themselves while they were in the magazine, and so With Centerfold, it gives us a platform, it’s really our own social media platform.

“As a creator-led platform to retain the talent we work with, as well as the other talent associated with the company, to get them to set their own content, we have content guidelines that we have set out to do. Founding Creators, and those Founding Creators represent over 300 million social media followers.”

Renowned New York hedge fund Cruiser Capital, famous for its creative investment ideas, also believes is a Metaverse winner and has a license to print money.

Partner Keith Rosenbloom said: “There is a lot of excitement about Playboy’s NFT opportunity and its ability to monetize its extensive library.

“Ben Kohn is proving himself to be a solid allocator of capital. We think the Centerfold business can be even bigger than the NFT business. Centerfold is a logical extension of the Playboy brand. We see this as Vs.OnlyFan, which Generally regarded as a very high cash flow generating business.

“Although OnlyFans was created at a time when there were fewer concerns for content and regulatory railings, Playboy had a scalable and fully designed resource utilizing the Playboy brand, network, and resources to make Onlyfans affordable. There’s an opportunity to build a $200mm FCF by 2023.” Cruiser Capital owns shares of Playboy.

manohan eco lover generation z teens

The kids are now mobilized to save the planet by 18-year-old multi-award winning teenage environmentalist heroine Greta Thunberg. One of the most famous faces around the world, he organized the controversial movement School Strike for Climate. Greta has single-handedly made kids aware that they have options to buy sustainable clothing and accessories. a Vegetarian, she eats only plant based Foods, which she recommends to other young people to save the world from a climate disaster.

Now, Ben Kohn’s vision is firmly anchored in the new generations, saying: “Social causes are what your daughters and young consumers believe in today, and I think if you look at the history of this company over 70 years It has been on this right side of history, fighting for what I would say is a liberal agenda.

“Two-thirds of our audience is under the age of 34. Over 50% of our sales were to women, and this is exactly the brand transition we set out to make three years ago, which now translates to This has also been done in my employee base. 80% of my employees are women.”

global expansion plans

Mr. Cohn has the entire planet in both online and retail sectors. He said: “America is seriously under-penetrated, there’s an opportunity to open 100 stores if we want to, although I don’t think we’ll be able to reach that level. The stores are all very profitable, they’re all over 30 percent And then, on top of that, you get e-commerce growth and historically our company hasn’t spent any money on display marketing, but you have the opportunity to reach $300 million in the United States Is.

“The lifetime value of that customer got through to eight or $900 million, and so we have the opportunity to expand – most people today don’t even know what a Honey Birdette is. And then, on top of that, what we do.” Well, that is, we’re taking advantage of their design and sourcing capabilities to actually launch a Playmate or Playboy lingerie next year.

“We think it could be as big again Honey Birdet And yandi Is. Just the same sourcing, same in-house design capabilities. Everyone’s like ‘You bought it for X multiple,’ I think I bought it for half of it. Both in America, but also in Europe. London is doing well; We are looking at the huge opportunity for us in Germany and Russia.

With Russia in particular, the culture there and to accept what I will say is sex-positivity. And so, when we think about the longer term, India is a huge opportunity for us to continue to grow, and China, I think there’s a ton of opportunity there, including potential launches.”

Honey Birdet is a lingerie brand with 50 stores in Australia (revenue share 66%), seven stores in the US (revenue share 24%) and three in the UK (revenue share 10%). Considering that the population of the US is 13x that of Australia and Honey Birdette recorded revenue of $50m in 2020, Edge It is estimated that PLBY’s US revenue from the newly added portfolio brand could reach approximately $500 million in the medium term if PLBY strategically adds new US stores, providing significant benefits to the company.

Capital allocator Kohan brings success to shareholder

Mr. Cohn said what matters most to him are the people who help keep Playboy afloat: their investors. He continued, “I try to stay very low-key overall. I enjoy it…


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