Americans favor legislation that would legalize abortion nationwide by a nearly 20-point margin, a new Morning Consult/Politico poll finds, as the Senate prepares to vote on a bill codifying abortion rights into law with the Supreme Court expected to let states ban the procedure by overturning Roe v. Wade.

Key Facts

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The poll—conducted May 3, after Politico reported a draft opinion showing a majority of Supreme Court justices in support of overturning—found 47% of Ro support legislation that would establish federal abortion rights.

Only 29% of would oppose such a bill, and 23% were unsure.

Democrats were much more in favor of such legislation than Republicans, with 63% backing a federal abortion rights bill versus 31% of Republicans and 46% of Independents.

Fewer think, at least 39%, thought it was somewhat likely that Congress would actually pass such legislation, versus 36% who it’s unlikely and 26% who aren’t.

The same 47% share believe that abortion should be legal nationwide, while 19% want it left to the states and 21% believe it should be illegal nationwide.