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A podcast host and her husband were found shot to death Friday in their Redmond, Washington, home, reportedly by a man, also found dead, who had been stalking her for months. According to the police, who had previously tried to get a protection order against the suspect.

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Ramin Khodkarmarzai, 38, killed himself after apparently shooting and killing podcast host Zohreh Sadeghi, 33, and her husband Mohamed Naseri, 35. According To Redmond Police Chief Darrell Lowe.

Police said first responders tried to perform CPR on Naseri after she was found inside the home with a gunshot wound, however she was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Lowe said Khodakramrezai contacted Sadeghi the previous summer after he listened to her podcast, but Sadeghi eventually filed a no-contact order against him after Khodakramrezai contacted Sadeghi more than 100 times in a single day. Did and threatened to show up at his house. ,

Sadeghi first contacted police in December, before he tried unsuccessfully to cut off contact with Khodkarmerzai, and later called again in January after his actions escalated.

Police said they had tried to place a protective order on Khodakramrezai prior to the incident, although they had difficulty locating him.

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Lowe said the incident was "the worst possible outcome for a stalking case," adding it was "every victim, every detective, every police chief's worst nightmare."

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3.4 million. It is estimated that in 2019 people aged 16 or older who were victims of stalking According Bureau of Justice Statistics, which noted that women were stalked more than twice as often as men. Of those, an estimated 67% said they feared being killed or physically harmed.

main background

Sadeghi, who hosted a podcast aimed at Farsi-speaking programmers in the US, was a software engineer who worked for Promontory MortgagePath after studying at the University of Washington Tacoma, According for his LinkedIn. Nasiri, who married Sadeghi in 2011, had been working at Amazon since January 2022. According to his blog.

Podcaster and husband shot dead in Seattle-area home ,AP,