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Americans have become less fearful about their families’ risk of catching COVID-19 since the delta variant wave reached its peak in September, but worries are still well above their summer lows because of the coronavirus outbreak. Deaths remain stubbornly high. Monmouth Pole Released on Thursday.

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Some 34% of US adults told Monmouth that they were very concerned that a family member might become seriously ill with COVID-19, and another 27% were somewhat concerned, versus 37% who had no concerns ( Pollsters called 811 adults from November 4 to 8).

This is a drop of 11 points from two months ago, when the daily Covid-19 deaths were Come Six-month high and 45% of adults told monmouth They were very concerned about their family’s coronavirus exposure.

Americans are still more concerned about the coronavirus than in mid-June, when just 23% of adults He said that he was very concerned about the risk of Kovid-19 in his family, but the fear is well below his all-time high 60% at the end of January,

Similarly, a ipsos poll 55% of Americans released on Tuesday believe that returning to their pre-Covid life will pose no threat to their health, up from 40% in August.

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