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After a 2018 document used to train police in Portland, Oregon, contained a far-right meme mocking violence against demonstrators, the city on Friday outraged the city’s mayor — a revelation that had come to haunt Portland’s As it comes, it faces criticism about its handling of the 2020 protests. ,

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110-page slideshow in a lawsuit against the city released Friday and republished by Oregonian – Instructs police on tactics to control riots and protests, but in its final slide is a mock prayer that celebrates brutal protesters.

mem – joe Occurred in distant circles, Local news outlet Noted – it contains a photo of a helmet-wearing man who kills a civilian, overlaid with text that suggests “dirty hippies” protesters should be “cuffed and stuffed” and “stitched and banded” .

In Statement On Friday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said it was unclear who created the “unauthorized” slide or whether it was actually used during a police training session.

The document appears to be from 2018, Wheeler’s office reported. Oregonian And this new York Times,

Wheeler said the slideshow first came to the city’s attention in September, prompting an ongoing internal affairs investigation, and Portland officials initially made the document public to protect the integrity of the investigation. was not issued from


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