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A federal judge on Tuesday rejected former President Donald Trump’s request to block congressional investigators from obtaining executive branch records linked to the January 6 riots, as the House select committee attacked the Capitol. examines.

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DC Judge Tanya Chutkan dismissed Trump’s argument — introduced last month in a lawsuit against the House committee and the National Archives and Records Administration — that a set of documents requested by lawmakers fall under “executive privilege,” a The legal principle that allows the president to keep certain communication secrets.

The judge sided with the House committee, which argued that executive privilege is intended to protect the executive branch and the current president, not the former president.

Chutkan said President Joe Biden – who last month refused to block a committee’s request for an early round of Trump-era records – to weigh more in the executive branch’s best interests than Trump or a federal court In a better position, so Trump needs to postpone Biden.

The National Archives and Records Administration told Trump last month According to Chutkan’s ruling, unless a court intervenes, the plan is to hand over a preliminary set of records to the House’s January 6 committee on November 12.

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