Pret A Manger increases staff pay by further 5% to tackle cost of living

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The commuter favorite will now invest another £10 million in employee pay

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Ondon commuter favorite Pret A Manger is to invest an additional £10 million to increase employee salaries by 5% to help cover the cost of living crisis that has forced businesses to support their workforce in record numbers.

From 1 December this year all 8,600 employees in the UK will receive an increase in its shops and support centres, meaning team members, baristas and shop managers will receive a base pay increase of 13%, up from what is currently running at 9.9%. Inflation has been higher, but has reached 10.1% this year.

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The minimum wage for a team worker in a business with 400 outlets in the UK will now rise to £10.30 an hour. The salary for Barista will increase from a minimum of £10.30 to £10.85.

Pret staff will be able to earn an additional £1.25 per hour based on weekly mystery shopper visits.

According to the company known for coffee, this is the second year in a row that Pret is trying to increase the number of employees in its stores, has given two pay increases, and will take the total investment in salaries to around £20 million in 2022. Will go and Sandwich,” in the largest salary investment in its 36-year history.

Guy Meakin, Interim Managing Director of Pret A Manger UK & Ireland, said: “Our people have always been at the heart of our business. Across the country, our shop team works round the clock to make Prate a people’s favorite destination.

“With the rising cost of living increasing the pressure on our people, we wanted to do more to support them, and say thank you to our customers for going above and beyond.

“We have always aspired to be a top employer, with all of our employees earning more than the national minimum wage, regardless of age.”

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