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Just days after Jacob Chansley was sentenced to more than three years in prison for vandalizing the Capitol building, an attorney famous for representing alleged Capitol rioters said Monday he would take over as Chansley’s lawyer. and the so-called QAnon shaman can appeal the sentence and sentence – even though Chancellor pleaded guilty months earlier.

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John Pierce – who represents more than a dozen January 6 riot defendants and runs a non-profit group Papers filed in federal court on Monday show that he will serve as Chancellor’s attorney – called the National Constitutional Law Association.

in a statement to Businesshala, the NCLU said that Pierce and attorney William Shipley would handle Chanceley’s case, and claimed that the lawyer who represented Chanceley during their plea agreement – Albert Watkins – no longer represented them.

Pierce and Shipley said they would “follow all measures available”. [Chansley] Under the Constitution and federal statutory law, “possibly appealing his sentence and claiming that he had” the ineffective assistance of a lawyer.

Pierce did not specify on what grounds he would argue that Watkins was ineffective.

Despite the apparent change, Watkins is still listed in federal court records as Chancellor’s counsel (Businesshala has reached out to Watkins for comment).


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