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A federal judge sentenced Jacob Chansley – a “Cunon shaman” whose face paint and horned helmet made him a standout figure in the January attack on the US Capitol – on Wednesday sentenced to more than three years in prison , which is one of the longest sentences. Capital Riot defendant.

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DC-based District Court Judge Royce Lamberth ordered Chancellor to serve 41 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release after Chancellor. advocated Guilty for obstructing an official proceeding in September.

Lamberth said that he believed Chancele was indeed remorseful, but could not pass a short sentence because his actions at the Capitol were “horrible”.

Chancellor addressed the court before the sentencing, admitting that he was “wrong to enter the Capitol” but is not a rebel and will not commit the crime again.

Prosecutors asked Lamberth to order 51 months in prison: they argued Chansley was one of the first to illegally enter the Capitol in a memo last week, and he left a note on Senate Forum Warning “Justice is coming.”

The government also called Chancellor “the public face of the Capital Riot” and “quite literally, their flag bearer” – a reference to the American flag on the six-foot flagpole that Chancellor carried as he crossed the Capitol.

Chancellor’s attorney Albert Watkins asked the judge to sentence his client in time, arguing that Chancellor is nonviolent and repented in a memo, comparing his “ignorance” during the Capitol riot to Forrest Gump. was done.

Watkins said her client’s mental health issues have worsened since Chancellor’s months in prison, claiming that He was diagnosed with “schizotypal personality disorder” 15 years earlier during service in the Navy, but was never informed of his diagnosis.


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