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John Gruden, head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, used a common racist caricature inciting language to describe the head of the NFL Players Association, Demauris Smith, amid the 2011 lockout. wall street journal.

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In a July 2011 email, Gruden allegedly described DeMorris, a black man, as having “lips”. michelin tire size,” is a misspelled reference to the French tire manufacturer, and DeMoris is referred to as “Dumbouris Smith”. magazine.

That time, magazine Say, league owners and the NFLPA were going head-to-head over a new collective bargaining agreement — while owners wanted to ratify, players wanted to wait until the union addressed more concerns before voting. did.

Gruden, who was serving as an ESPN commentator, sent the email to Bruce Allen, the then president of the Washington football team. magazine.

Gruden apologized for the comments in an interview with the newspaper and denied that he was a racist, adding that he referred to liars as “rubber lips”, admitting that he “used a terrible way of explaining it.”

DeMorris said the comment is not the first time he has faced racism and would not be the last in a statement. Businesshala, compared it to the “thinly coded and racist language” used to describe black people.

A source told Gruden that Gruden could face disciplinary action from the league. magazine.

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“This kind of racism comes from the fact that I’m at the same table as they are and they don’t think there’s someone who looks like me,” DeMorris said. “I’m sorry my family had to see something like this, but I wish they knew. I won’t let it define me.”

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The email surfaced in a league investigation into allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment at the Washington team’s workplace, the NFL reported. Journal. The league said in a statement that the comments were “horrifying, Disgusting And is completely contrary to the values ​​of the NFL.” The newspaper reported that the league is handing out relevant emails related to Gruden to the Raiders. The 2011 NFL lockout lasted from March to July over issues including league pay caps and safety and health benefits for players. Gruden rejoined the Raiders in 2018 after serving as the team’s head coach from 1998 to 2001, when the franchise was in Oakland, Calif. He coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2002 to 2008, leading the team to 2003 Guided to their first Super Bowl title in a win over the Raiders in 2010. Gruden and the team were reportedly fined $650,000 collectively by the NFL for not doing well. wear a face mask In line with the league’s coronavirus protocols.

John Gruden used a racial trope in a 2011 email to describe NFLPA Chief Demoris Smith (wall street journal)

NFL hits Washington team with $10 million fine for sexual harassment cultureBusinesshala)