Rapper Princess Nokia reportedly left a small business owner stranded without pay or credit for his work, according to a video that went viral this month.

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Ina Gunderson, producer of jewelry store Plop Studio in Oslo, Norway, said she was thrilled when the team at Princess Nokia reached out to her for the first time. Management was asking for jewelry for the rapper after he lost his belongings on the way to an Oslo concert, Gunderson said in a TikTok Video on 16 August. His story has been viewed 287,000 times.

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“So management approached me saying, ‘Hey, we heard you’d like to gift Princess Nokia something,'” Gunderson said. “I thought, hmm, ‘gift giving,’ I can’t remember if it was free, but okay.”

Nonetheless, gifting the celebrity seemed well worth it thanks to the social media exposure that was reportedly offered.

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“I was told I’d get a tag on her Instagram—and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is a big deal, this is huge’—and I’d have a picture of her wearing my necklace,” the producer said. Told.

Small businesses rely heavily on social media exposure. according to financial resources think74 percent of consumers rely on social media to guide their purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, customers who engage with a business on social media spend up to 40 percent more with them over the long term.

Amid ongoing inflation and global supply chain issues, online access has only become more important for struggling businesses. Optimism among US small business owners dropped for six consecutive months until July, according to a statement from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), which also said expectations of better business conditions hit an all-time low. have gone.

Excited at the prospect of Princess Nokia destroying her work for 1 million Instagram followers, Gunderson said she found the job quickly.

“I got so excited, I immediately started on defeat, I canceled my plans that night,” Gunderson said. “I spent three hours making her necklace. I called my mom because I was so excited, and my sister and some of my friends, and my boyfriend.”

Gunderson said she sent a photo of her final product to management, who told her it was “perfect.” According to her, the team instructed her to leave the necklace at Princess Nokia’s hotel and told her that the rapper would wear it during her concert in Oslo on August 11.

Gunderson’s excited sister manages to get tickets so they can see Princess Nokia wearing the necklace.

But at the concert, Gunderson realized that Princess Nokia was wearing a different necklace—one that broke on stage.

“It wasn’t my defeat and it was a little disappointing, to be honest,” Gunderson said. “But I thought, ‘Hey, she has so many concerts left, she’s going to wear this tomorrow. But he didn’t.”

Finally, the jewelry maker said, “I wasn’t paid, I didn’t get a tag, I didn’t get a photo, I didn’t get a ticket to her show, and I didn’t even get a personal thank you.”

Princess Nokia’s management disputed whether any representative promised Gunderson that her necklace would be worn.

“Neither Princess Nokia nor management promised Plop Studios that the gifted necklace would be worn at the Oya Festival, as described in the video,” a spokesperson said. newsweek, “Princess Nokia really liked this piece, and very likely would have worn it later in the tour, if Plop Studios hadn’t been taken to TikTok for making false statements about promises that weren’t made.” “

“After the video appeared, because the designer was clearly upset, we reached out and made them pay for the necklace,” said the artist’s management.

Gunderson’s video made a splash as viewers raged at the idea of ​​a celebrity refusing to recognize the work of a small business owner.

“They totally betrayed you, I’m so sorry,” said one comment. “Your jewelry is gorgeous and anyone would be lucky enough to wear it.”

“That’s not right, your piece was beautiful,” said another onlooker.

Other users said Princess Nokia made several videos disputing Gunderson’s story, but the rapper has since deleted her TikTok account.

newsweek Gunderson reached out for comment.

Updated 08/29/2022, 4:24 pm ET: This story has been updated with comments and additional information from a Princess Nokia spokesperson.