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Incumbent Representative Henry Kueller (D-Texas) is ahead of progressive challenger Jessica Cisneros in a runoff election for Texas’ 28th congressional district, in a much-closer-to-call race called What Democrats Are About. , has been keenly observed for this. Roe v. Wade will go out to support abortion rights if it is reversed.

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early Wednesday, Cuellar is 22,692 votes and Cisneros 22,517—a difference of just 175 votes.

Cuellar declared Winning just before midnight on Tuesday said he was “honoured to be re-elected” as the district’s Democratic nominee.

Cisneros has not accepted the race, Saying Early Wednesday the race was “very close to the call, and we’re still waiting for every ballot and eligible votes to be counted,” and no major outlet has yet called for it.

While all votes received so far are in, mail-in ballots can still be held in Texas. counted As of 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, as long as they were postmarked by Tuesday, there could still be more late ballots.

The small margin of votes between the candidates also means that Cisneros can request a details,

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