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A group of Republican lawmakers introduced a bill Monday to make marijuana federally delinquent and taxed, sweeping Democratic proposals for major marijuana reform and GOP-backed efforts to decriminalize the drug in the US. Added option to add.

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Rep. Nancy Mays (RS.C.) sponsored the bill, titled the States Reform Act, in which the federal government would treat marijuana the same as alcohol and remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act.

According to a press release, the law would impose a 3% federal tax on cannabis products for “law enforcement, small business and veterans’ mental health initiatives.”

The States Reform Act would also release and erase the records of nearly 2,600 people convicted of “nonviolent, cannabis-only related” federal crimes.

The bill defers to states on matters regulating marijuana, and would not require any state to change its current cannabis policies.

Mays said in an interview Businesshala That he called “response that is constructive to put together a bill that I believe will find strong bipartisan support for both sides.”

Mace’s bill is seen as a middle ground because it includes evictions — which have been critical to Democrats — and also an excise tax that would benefit community reintegration, law enforcement, and Small Business Administration activities, which Republicans did. can get the support of marijuana moment reports,

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