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New one report good A leading climate research group shows the planet is on track for a catastrophic 2.4°C rise in temperature by the end of the century, even as countries meet their 2030 emissions targets – as COP 26 calls for “enormous credibility, action and The commitment gap” reaches its mid-point in Glasgow.

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NS Analysis Published on Tuesday by Climate Action Tracker found that even with target pledges made in Glasgow, emissions in 2030 will be nearly double what they need to be to sustain. 1.5 The degree Celsius threshold that scientists say needs to be met to avoid the most devastating effects of climate change.

The findings suggest that the agreements reached at COP26 tantamount to “dangerous” false hope, According For the two people behind the report, and “the harsh reality is that we are far from solving the climate problem.”

The Climate Action Tracker report found that based only on current climate policies, not proposals, there will be a massive 2.7 degree increase in temperature by 2100.

It concluded that the final phase of COP26 calls for increased ambitions for the 2030 mitigation goals and a focus on closing the needed finance gap.

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