Rishi Sunak: ‘We will not pursue any relationship with Europe that relies on alignment with EU laws’

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UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has dismissed a report which claimed that his government was pursuing a post-Brexit Swiss-style deal with the European Union.

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Speaking at the Confederation of British Industry conference in Birmingham, England on Monday, Sunak dismissed a report the sunday times which said he was seeking a closer relationship with the European Union and was reportedly looking at an agreement similar to Switzerland’s as an example, enraging Eurosceptics in parliament in the process.

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Switzerland sits outside the EU and has access to the trading bloc’s single market, but in return it pays into the EU budget, follows EU laws and allows freedom of movement. Its relations with the European Union are covered by more than 100 bilateral agreements.

“On trade, let me be clear about that. Under my leadership, the United Kingdom will not pursue any relationship with Europe that depends on alignment with EU laws,” Sunak told the conference during a question-and-answer session. I told the representatives.

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Senior people told the Sunday Times that Sunak’s government was considering a deal similar to Switzerland’s deal but without freedom of movement, but has now scrapped the idea as Eurosceptic Conservative MPs voted against the move. Was warned.

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A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office told the Sunday Times that the government was “focussed on ensuring post-Brexit independence creates opportunities to boost growth and strengthen our economy.”

“Brexit means we will never again have to accept a relationship with Europe that jeopardizes freedom of movement, unnecessary payments to the EU or the full benefits of the trade deals we have been able to strike around the world.” “

Euroskeptics voice disapproval

Prior to Sunak’s question-and-answer, CBI Director General Tony Denker told the BBC at the conference that he was puzzled by the prospect of a Swiss-style deal.

“I’m a bit puzzled about the whole Swiss thing. It took them almost 40 years to get into the Swiss system. Currently, we’re not even implementing Boris’s deal. Let’s implement Boris’s Brexit deal, which has There has also been some growth, by the way, all this has stopped, and for now forget the discussion about Switzerland, ”he said

Health Minister Steve Barclay told Sky News at the weekend he did not support the idea.

“I don’t recognize this story at all,” he said. “I do not support it. I want to maximize the opportunities that Brexit provides.

Nigel Farage, a leading voice behind the Leave EU campaign, denounced the claims Twittersaying that “that level of betrayal will never be forgiven.”

But Farage said earlier in 2020 – when Britain officially left the EU – that Switzerland was “a source of inspiration” Britain to leave the EU.

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