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According to one, pregnant women who tested positive for Covid-19 when admitted to hospital to give birth were at higher risk for stillbirth than those who did not, according to one. Study Released by the US Centers for Disease Control on Friday, the risk is rising as the delta variant becomes the dominant strain.

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In an analysis of 1.2 million hospital deliveries, stillbirth occurred in 0.98% of women who tested positive for Covid-19, compared to 0.64% of women during the pre-delta period of the Covid-19 pandemic (March 2020-June 2021). No.

During the study period in which the delta variant was the predominant strain of COVID-19 (July–September 2021), the rate of stillbirth among pregnant women with Covid-19 increased to 2.7%, while the rate of stillbirths without COVID-19 mandated remained stable at 0.63%.

data first confirms reports The CDC reports an increased risk of stillbirth for women with COVID-19, as well as other adverse outcomes such as premature birth, admission of the mother and/or newborn to the intensive care unit, and death of the mother.

In September, the Mississippi State Department of Health met That pregnant women with Covid-19 were delivering at almost twice the normal rate since the start of the pandemic.

1 Sep 27 CDC report good 22,000 of pregnant women were hospitalized due to Covid-19 and 161 deaths.

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