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The judge overseeing the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial on Thursday barred MSNBC employees from entering his courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after a man linked to the network was pulled over by police near a jury van — an incident NBC says it regrets it.

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Judge Bruce Schroeder said police pulled over a man claiming to be an NBC or MSNBC producer for running a red light on Wednesday evening, and the man told officers he had to move jurors between the courtroom and a different location. The carrying bus was assigned to follow.

Schroeder said the issue is still under investigation, but he has banned MSNBC from entering the courthouse for the rest of the Rittenhouse trial.

NBC News confirmed Businesshala A freelancer was given a traffic citation near the jury van, but the person “never approached or intended to contact the jurors during the deliberations, and never photographed or photographed them.” did not intend to take the picture” (a network spokesperson did not immediately respond when asked if its a freelancer) simply asked to follow up or planned to contact jurors after deliberations ended. Went).

Kenosha Police Department tweeted This gave a traffic citation to a man claiming to work for a national news outlet, and officials believed he was attempting to photograph jurors, but “no sense of security in relation to the jury”. There was no violation.”

NBC News reported Businesshala “We regret the incident” and will cooperate with any investigation.


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