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The Republican National Committee plans to bar future presidential candidates from participating in debates organized by the Commission on Presidential Debate (CPD). informed The commission on Thursday criticized former President Donald Trump and his campaign for repeatedly claiming the CPD was biased against them.

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RNC President Ronna McDaniel explained in a letter to the CPD that the RNC intended to “prevent future Republican candidates from participating” in debates sponsored by the CPD, a nonpartisan non-profit that has served as president and vice president since 1987. debate is organized.

According to the RNC the commission’s “failures” include not being nonpartisan enough, holding the first debate after early voting begins, and “unilaterally changing” the debate without notifying the candidates.

Accusations of partisanship included allegations that the board members of the CPD had “publicly despised”.[ed]Trump and the commission selected arbitrators the RNC believes are biased towards Democrats.

The RNC proposed a list of reforms that it considers that the CPD should establish a code of conduct and term limits for its board members, but said it is moving forward with plans to bar candidates from participating now. because he believes the CPD will “delay any reform until it is too late for the 2024 election.”

It is “vague” what will happen to future presidential debates if they are not conducted through the CPD, according to new York Times, which previously reported the RNC’s letter, but this could mean that candidates and parties would have to negotiate the terms of the debate directly with each other, as they did before the founding of the CPD.

CPD said Statement So far Times It concerns candidates “directly” rather than parties, and the terms of its 2024 debate will be based on “fairness, neutrality, and a firm commitment to helping the American public learn more about candidates and issues.”


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