Sanctioned Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich on Thursday denied reports he asked for repayment of a nearly $2 billion loan he gave Chelsea FC as part of the sale of the soccer team, and also shot down reports he increased the price of the club “last minute” during the sale.

Key Facts

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Chelsea FC released a statement from Abramovich’s spokesperson saying suggestions the Billionaire asked for the loan to be repaid and that he raised the price of the team are “entirely false.”

The Times of London reported earlier this week there were fears Abramovich was seeking for the loan to be repaid, complicating the sale that is already running behind schedule,

In a statement Announcing the sale of the team in March, Abramovich said he would not expect any loans to be reimbursed to him, and his spokesman said he has not asked for them to be reimbursed throughout the process of the sale.

Abramovich’s spokesperson he does not have any control over the loan or any Chelsea funds, nor will he have access to them after the sale due to the sanctions of the UK levied against him.

The spokesperson reiterated Abramovich’s intentions to give the proceeds of the sale to charity, as he said in March.

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