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The European Union on Monday increased sanctions against Belarus as officials doubled down on allegations President Alexander Lukashenko is taking migrants and refugees to the bloc’s borders to undermine its security, where thousands They are now stuck in cold weather as political tensions over the crisis have escalated.

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Me Agreed To fast Sanctions against Minsk and “everyone involved” in smuggling migrants across Belarusian border, officials announced Monday.

restrictions, which would be aim Individuals and organizations with asset freezes and travel restrictions complement existing sanctions imposed after Last year Fraud Action on the presidential election and related protests by President Lukashenko.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said According to Al Jazeera, the sanctions will also include penalties against airlines believed to be involved in the crisis.

Lukashenko, often described As “Europe’s last dictator”, his regime vigorously denies actively encouraging accusations—even helping—Overseas in order to reach its border with Europe Unstable Block as payment for sanctions against Belarus.

Kremlin Monday Offered Acting as a mediator between Belarus and the European Union to resolve the standoff.

Russia is defending allegations it played a role in instigating the crisis after Western officials suggested President Vladimir Putin wants to destabilize the region.

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