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War Screenplay supervisor Mamie Mitchell has filed a lawsuit claiming that there was nothing in the film’s script to indicate that Alec Baldwin needed to shoot the gun that injured cinematographer Halina Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza. died and several safety protocols were broken on the sets.

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Michelle’s attorney Gloria Allred sues in LA Superior Court War The producers alleged that prior to the shooting, it was discussed that Baldwin would be filmed “reaching his hand to the holster and (removing the gun)”, and that “there was nothing in the script” that required Baldwin to make his own. The gun needed to be discharged. ,

Mitchell’s attorney said in a press conference that safety protocols were “ignored”, including the fact that live ammunition was on set and the gun was handed directly to Baldwin by an assistant director, not Armourer, Which is against industry standards.

The lawsuit alleges that Baldwin played a part in breaking safety protocols by “not checking the gun” despite knowing proper gun safety protocols, which included handling the gun as if it was loaded and not having any live rounds. But double checking was involved.

Her lawsuit also alleges that the “cost-cutting” strategy used by the film’s producers breached safety protocol and hired crew members who lacked “knowledge, expertise and experience”. Lack was there to ensure that the set was secure, including Armor’s Hannah Gutierrez-Reid.

Mitchell alleged that the incident intentionally caused her “emotional distress” and was “deliberately causing harm”, and is seeking compensation for the damages.

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