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The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office said it wanted to search the business that provided arms and ammunition to Alec Baldwin’s film. War Interviews conducted by investigators suggested that there may have been an amalgamation with dummy ammunition purchased for the film which resulted in “suspicious live ammunition” being found on the set.

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Rust Armor Hannah Gutierrez-Reid told investigators that she received arms and ammunition for the film from Seth Kenney of PDQ Arms & Props, LLC. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Kenny told investigators he provided “dummy rounds and blanks” War From a manufacturer called Starline Brass, and a few years ago he received a “reloaded ammunition” similar to the Starline Brass logo from a friend.

Gutierrez-Reid’s father, Thale Reid, an Arsenal, told investigators that he worked with Kenny on a film around August and September, providing training for actors with live firearms, and Kenny was around 200–300. A green “gunpowder box” was brought with him. live round.

Reid stated that after production of that film was finished, Kenny took the gunpowder, which contained “.45 caliber Colt ammunition” from “back to New Mexico” and added that he doubted that the ammunition “could be found”. is” that were found on it. War set.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reid confirmed to investigators that Baldwin’s bullet was a “long barrel Colt, .45 caliber”.

According to the affidavit, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office seeks to search PDQ Arm & Prop, LLC, and has requested that documents relating to equipment and ammunition be supplied. War To be commissioned with ammunition with the Starline Brass logo.

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