Scavenger Hunts to Gamify Your Math Review

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Bothered by repetitive math worksheets? Try the scavenger hunt! It brings excitement to your practice questions or unit review. This Math Monday, we’re highlighting a scavenger hunt activity from our Financial Algebra unit on investment strategies and exponential functions.


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Move: Follow the Funds is a scavenger hunt where students race to answer questions about exponential functions and types of investment funds. They follow a trail of clues, each leading to the next card.

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To play this activity, print out a copy of the scavenger hunt cards and hang them around your classroom.

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Give each student (or pair) a copy of the student worksheet. They will use the worksheet to track their progress during the scavenger hunt.

Rehearse the activity with Naomi

Let’s learn about part of an activity with an example student, Naomi.

Naomi has a copy of the student worksheet. She goes to the scavenger hunt card hanging on the wall. It’s labeled “A” and contains the question: “Which type of fund adjusts your portfolio over time based on when you plan to retire?”

Naomi knows the answer! She fills in her student worksheet by writing the card letter (“A”) and answer (“TDF”).

Now, Naomi is off to find her next scavenger hunt card. She looks around the room for a card with the answer “TDF” written on top. That’s where he needs to go!

He found the scavenger hunt card he was looking for! It’s labeled “E,” so she fills it in the next box on her student worksheet. Then, she starts solving questions on this card. Once he found the answer, it would lead him to the next scavenger hunt card.

Naomi will continue like this until she gets back to the Scavenger Hunt card she started on (“A”). Naomi brings her worksheet to her teacher, who can easily check her work by looking at the scavenger hunt card letter order. (Tip: Get the answer key by clicking on the activity link while logged in to your verified teacher account!)

Try and watch!
If you enjoy this activity, check out The Move: Paycheck Scavenger Hunt! This flexible scavenger hunt format can easily be modified to flexibly fit your classroom!

We would love to hear how you use the scavenger hunt in your classroom! Join FinLit fanatics to share your tips, tricks and victories!

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