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Nine students at Baltimore public schools have been referred to medical aid since March, when they were flagged as suicides after they installed monitoring software on laptops handed over by the city’s school system. baltimore sun informed of On Tuesday, concerns about privacy and equity grew amid controversy surrounding student activity tracking on school-provided computers across the country.

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Laptops are loaned to students for online classes when the pandemic hits GoGuardian with software created by GoGuardian that monitors signs that students are at risk of self-harm, baltimore sun informed of.

Monitoring software has sent nearly 780 alerts to Baltimore schools since March baltimore sun informed of, adding that in nine of those cases, students were referred to an emergency room, and in 12 others to a crisis response center.

School police investigate students after receiving alerts from software when school psychologists or social workers are out of reach baltimore sun informed of.

of the guardian Software allows teachers to virtually monitor every click and search students make, and one of its products, Beacon, The Associated Press informed of Baltimore Public Schools are using the, “Silently According to GoGuardian’s website, it analyzes what students are doing in real-time on their laptops.

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Research by the Center for Democracy and Technology, a technical policy non-profit met The online activities of students from low-income families surveyed earlier this month were more likely to be using devices from schools. Nearly seven out of 10 teachers said that students using school-owned equipment that comes with the software were being monitored. In contrast, nearly two in 10 said students who use their personal devices are being watched Research by the Center for Democracy and Technology.

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When the pandemic began, schools across the country handed out laptops and other electronic devices to ensure that students could attend virtual classes. Center for Democracy and Technology met That nearly nine in 10 teachers said their schools provided school-issued equipment during the pandemic, which is double the rate before the pandemic.

Baltimore City student laptops are monitored for mentions of suicide. Sometimes the police are called. (Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore school students monitor laptops for signs of suicide (The Associated Press)

American schools gave children laptops during the pandemic. then they spied on them (Guardian)