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More than 100 prisoners have been killed and dozens injured this week as rival gangs scramble to control one of Ecuador’s biggest prisons, in a country’s poorly-funded penal system beset by overcrowding, COVID-19 and mass violence. Part of the ongoing crisis.

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At least 116 people were killed in bloody fighting between rival gangs in Ecuador’s Littoral Penitentiary on Tuesday, President Guillermo Lasso said on Wednesday, According For Reuters, four Times The death toll is higher than estimated.

Another 80 prisoners were injured in the conflict and at least Five (some reports say Six) The dead prisoners found were beheaded before the police arrived.

Police Commander Fausto Buenano said 400 police officers are needed to regain control of the prison CNN And this BBC, noting that those killed and wounded were wounded by bullets and grenades.

the officials described the incident In what was seen as the worst violence ever in Ecuadorian prisons, Lasso vowed extra money and declared a state of emergency in the prison system Keep Enables prisoners and the government to deploy military forces at facilities under strict lockdown.

The emergency declaration is Lasso’s second since taking office in May following deadly riots between Guayaquil and Latacunga prisons, Businesshala said. reports.

main background

The riots took place amid a growing cycle of violence in Ecuador’s prison system. Much of this is driven by turf wars between gangs, according to new York Times, especially those related to drug cartels that traffic through Ecuador. More than 200 people have died from mass violence in 2021 alone Times informed of. By comparison, mass violence killed just 15 people in 2018. Prisons are short of funds and overcrowded – Lasso said prisons have 30% more capacity, According For the BBC—many more awaiting sentencing. Human rights groups have condemned the terms Human Rights Watch said Allowed Covid-19 to spread through captivity. “Crowds, weak security, violence, inadequate health care, and other poor conditions are long-standing problems in Ecuadorian prisons,” the group said, adding that the COVID-19 outbreak “exacerbated the health risks”. “

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