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Before Apple introduced MagSafe in 2020, PITAKA, a leading brand in material technology, had already released magnetic phone cases, car mounts and chargers, so you can use your phone without limits wherever you go. Can help They make the PitaFlow for magnetic accessories phone systems.

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MagEZ Case 3 for the iPhone 14 lineup

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The iPhone 14 is as slim and beautiful as it gets. So don’t cover up its beauty with a clunky and bulky case. PITAKA’s MagSafe Case 3 for iPhone 14 Series is the world’s thinnest and lightest MagSafe case, weighing just 18 grams and measuring 0.95mm thick.

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Made of aerospace-grade aramid fiber, it can protect your phone from minor drops and tears in daily life. And it has a textured surface that provides an incredibly comfortable feel and excellent grip.

As thin as it is, the case has the same magnetic power as Apple’s MagSafe phone cases. It can magnetically connect to Apple’s MagSafe accessories as well as PITAKA’s MagSafe and magnetic accessories.

magz car mount

Instead of holding your phone with your hand or haphazardly placing it while you drive, just snap it onto the MagEZ Car Mount. Strong magnets and a matte surface keep your iPhone 14 firmly in place in any road condition, with or without the MagEZ Case 3. You can even charge your phone wirelessly while you drive. The MagEZ Car Mount Pro features a built-in cooling fan to ensure fast and stable wireless charging. Not only will your iPhone not be lost or dropped, but it won’t run out of juice.

When you’re on the go, just grab your phone with one hand and drag.

magazine slider

While you work, mount your iPhone on the MagEZ Slider, a compact and versatile wireless charger. The MagEZ Slider works as a phone stand giving you a comfortable view of the screen for convenient phone calls or message checking. At the same time, the wireless charger charges the included power bank and your phone. So instead of keeping your phone on the table, mount and charge it on a slider to save space and time. When you have completed your project, your phone will be ready.

magazine battery pack

If you need to charge your phone on the go, just snap the MagEZ Battery Pack onto the back of your iPhone 14. The MagEZ Battery Pack is a MagSafe wireless charging power bank with 4,000mAh to help your phone last through the day. Furthermore, its ergonomically-designed curve and aramid fiber shell ensure a comfortable feel and grip.

The power bank comes in multiple colors to go with the MagEZ Case 3 for iPhone 14, and is compatible with the MagEZ Slider.

MagEZ Card Sleeve

Don’t want to carry an extra wallet? Snap the MagEZ Card Sleeve onto your iPhone 14 and let your phone carry the wallet for you. The ultra-slim card sleeve holds two cards.

black friday sales event

PitaFlow for Phone makes sure your phone is safe and always succinct and makes your daily stuff easy. If you’re interested in those products, you can’t miss Pitaka’s biggest sales event of the year. On the upcoming Black Friday sale, PitaFlow for Phones will be 15% off, and other products will be up to 50% off.

Pitaka is founded by a team of designers, engineers and creatives from multiple fields with an alternative approach to all things tech. With a vision of “Alternative Gadgets to Simplify Your Life”, Pitaka always thinks one step ahead of users and provides innovative designs that bring convenience and style to real life. Today, Pitaka has grown into a large and successful company selling cases, wallets and covers for the essentials of modern life around the world.

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