‘Severe struggle’ over federal debt limit and moves to impeach Biden: What could happen in a Republican Congress

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If Republicans beat Democrats in November’s midterm elections, get ready for debt-limit drama and move to impeach President Joe Biden.

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The Democrats are facing what one analyst calls an “incredibly hostile environment for the midterm,” observers see the Republicans as a clear favorite to win the House of Representatives as well as one to capture the Senate. are in good condition.

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Analysts at Eurasia Group wrote in a note this week that Republican control of one or both chambers of Congress would herald major policy changes ranging from fiscal policy to Biden’s appointments.

“If Republicans control the House, expect multiple investigations into the Biden administration, a serious conflict over government funding and debt limits, and possible passage of articles of impeachment against President Biden,” the analysts wrote.

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Congress last raised the loan limit in December to prevent default until after the midterm elections. Just one House Republican — Adam Kizinger of Illinois — voted for the escalation. None of the Senate Republicans supported it.

Congress approves $2.5 trillion loan limit increase

“If Republicans take the Senate,” Eurasia analysts continued, “Biden will be forced to choose only the mildest and most vulnerable. [most] Moderate appointments for staff cabinet agencies, many slots will be vacant or will be filled on acting basis, few judges will be confirmed, and possible vacancies in Supreme Court are likely to remain open. ,

Chris Kruger of the Cowen Washington Research Group made a similar prediction: “GOP controls likely mean fiscal drag and shutdown/debt ceiling fights.”

And he sees Democrats heading for a distinct disadvantage in November. “Between House retirements and redistribution – to say nothing of the winds of history directly on their face – Democrats are facing an incredibly hostile environment for the mid-term,” he wrote in a note on Thursday.

In remarks to Hill in late December, Representative Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said: “I think our chances are great. We just need to do good things and tell people about it.”

“I’ve made it clear that we need to do a better job of messaging,” he said, “and I think you’ll see us do that.”

Democrats can highlight legislative achievements, including the nearly $2 trillion US rescue plan for which no Republican voted, and the $1 trillion infrastructure PAVE,
legislation, which received a handful of GOP support.

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Biden’s so-called Build Back Better social-spending and climate initiative, meanwhile, is stalled in Congress as Senate Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kirsten Cinema of Arizona are holdouts. There is also a push to strengthen voting rights, as Cinema reiterated Thursday that it would not support the weakening of the Senate filibuster.

Analysts from Eurasia put the probability of a Republican takeover of the House at 90%, and a 65% chance for the GOP to win the Senate.

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