Shiba Inu Price Predicted to Crash 50% While This New Crypto’s Price Could 10x Before 2023

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Shiba Inu is one of the most famous meme coins in the crypto space, but when it is struggling to make any profit in 2022, the crypto analytics platform dash 2 trade It’s expected to make significant profits — and secure nearly $2 million in just three days after its pre-sale went live.

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Amidst the ongoing bear market and SHIB unable to sustain any momentum, smart investors are turning to new crypto presale projects to maximize their returns.

SHIB Price Prediction: More Pain Ahead

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The Shiba Inu enjoyed exponential growth in 2021 but struggled throughout 2022, where it is currently trading 70% down from January and 87% below its all-time high.

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While the project has added utility including gaming projects and a Layer 2 solution, the announcements have done little to affect the price.

SHIB is predicted to bleed even more, with unfavorable macroeconomic conditions and Bitcoin predicted to fall further.

Just as early SHIB investors saw the most gains, investors in pre-sale projects continued to deliver strong returns in 2022.

Dash 2 Trade Presale secures nearly $2 million in three days

The Dash 2 trade presale went live on October 20, with 35 million tokens available for $0.0467 each.

Investors rushed to buy into the project with a Phase 1 cap of $1.7 million, given its low entry point and high return potential in just three days. Best ICOs of 2022,

The Crypto Signals project, which will send trading alerts and track various metrics to help users maximize their earning potential, has nine stages of presale.

By the final stage, native D2T tokens will be on sale for $0.0662 – a 39% increase over Phase 1.

Dash 2 Trade 10x Potential

Dash 2 Trade has the potential of 10x by the end of the year given its low opening price and small maximum supply and is one of Best cryptos to buy now,

For D2T to 10x it would only need to trade at $0.472 – with a market cap of less than $500 million.

With only a 1 billion maximum supply – and 700 million tokens available in pre-sales – it will also only take a market cap of $1 billion to reach $1 each.

This would represent a massive 21x from the first phase and, given the potential of its protocol, is very achievable.

To make SHIB 10 times its current value it would require a market cap of $50 billion – currently larger than every coin except Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

Dash 2 Go to Trade Presale

What is Dash 2 Trade?

Dash2Trade is a new crypto intelligence platform that aims to help users make better-informed decisions on their holdings and maximize returns.

It will do this in a number of ways, tracking various metrics to send trading signals when good buy or sell opportunities appear, and spot trends by analyzing on-chain data and social sentiment.

Users can access a variety of trading and social trading tools, back-test them in real time and discuss strategies to optimize the approach without risking capital.

The dashboard will also include a new and bespoke tracker for crypto presales, which uses various insights to ensure confidence.

Who is behind Dash 2 Trade?

Crypto presales can come with risk but Dash 2 trade is extremely low risk.

The team is CoinSniper-certified and KYC-verified – they are the same group behind Learn2Trade, an early-stage trading platform with over 70,000 global users.

The token’s contract is rag-proof and audited by Solidproof.

How does Dash 2 Trade work?

Dash 2 Trade works with a monthly subscription, in which users choose one of three price tiers to access the various features.

The tiers are Free (zero fee), Starter (400 D2T per month), and Premium (1,000 D2T per month).

While the free tier has limited access to insight and intelligence, the premium tier allows users to access all metrics and tools as well as bonus features such as trading contests.

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