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According to multiple reports, a cut painting by unknown street artist Banksy sold for almost 18 times more than what was sold and set a record for the artist as one of the most mysterious figures in the art world. Adds to the attraction. .

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The painting, “Love in the Bin” won on Thursday for £18.5 million or $24.5 million – £17.5 million more than the £1 million sold in 2018 as “Girl with the Balloon”, at which point half the artwork Self-sliced ​​through a tool in its frame, much to the buyer’s surprise, according to wall street journal.

“Love” was valued at between £4 million and £6 million at Sotheby’s London auction, NS The Associated Press reports.

At least nine bidders fought in person and over the phone for 10 minutes trying to secure the painting, pushing its price to new heights.

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$20 million. This was the artist’s previous record for his biggest sales. In March, Banksy portrayed a “game changer”, a boy playing with a toy that was worth more than £16 million – all donated to Britain’s National Health Service and other health services.

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“I can’t tell you how nervous I am to drop the gavel on this one,” auctioneer Oliver Barker said during the sale, while waiting for the painting to be destroyed in 2018.

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“Love is in the Bin”, which features the outline of a girl holding a red heart-shaped balloon, is one of Banksy’s most famous works. Sotheby’s London auctioned “Girl with the Balloon” attracted negative attention and the painting was cut, criticizing the home for not seeing the device in the frame. The buyer of the shredded artwork, who is anonymous, was originally shocked at its destruction, although at the time he realized it would make it more valuable in the future, according to an intuition that was paid Thursday. Guardian. Most of Banksy’s works start out as murals around England that are later removed and then sold at auction, much to the dismay of Brits who enjoy free artwork in their cities.

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