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Although Southwest Airlines continues to dispute the circumstances surrounding the mass cancellations of its flights over the weekend, Republicans in Congress have been quick to criticize the airline and side with its employees amid rumors of its COVID-19 vaccine. There are impediments stemming from an internal demonstration against. Government Order.

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reports Southwest canceled nearly 2,000 flights on Saturday and Sunday — the airline blamed the disruptions on bad weather and air traffic control issues — prompting speculation from Republicans about the role of the company’s new vaccine mandate, which has already Some were sparked. internal opposition.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) took to Twitter on Sunday night declared The cancellation is a result of “Joe Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate at work”, a reference to the federal government Need That major airlines get workers vaccinated or risk losing lucrative contracts.

Fellow Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy went a step further, Announcement Employee himself “100% behind” at the Dallas-based company, which he called on his colleagues in the House and Senate to boycott

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisk.) and Representative Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) similarly raised the issue of Southwest employees, with Biggs saying he stands with what he described as a fight for “freedom.”

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“Stop them,” Roy wrote. “And when they come to beg for a bailout – not one” [Republican in the House] Or [Senate] They should be supported.”

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The company’s pilots union on Friday asked a court to block Southwest from implementing its vaccine mandate, sparking a cascade of cancellations of more than 25% of Southwest’s flights on Sunday complaints and check. The company and association represent their pilots Source: Heavy disruption in bad weather and an air traffic management program put in place by the Federal Aviation Administration. but the commentators have shed light on With other airlines canceling relatively few flights over the weekend, Southwest has yet to comment on the disparity. This, coupled with documented internal conflict For the company’s November 24 vaccine mandate, fueled speculation has been linked to the mandate.

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A spokesman for Southwest vehemently denied any connection with the mandate, despite growing speculation about the so-called “sick”. “The weekend’s challenges were not the result of employee performance, as some have reported,” the company said in a statement. “We have close to normal operation today, navigating some of the new weather in our system.”

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