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The National Education Association, the largest teachers’ union in the US, urged Facebook, TikTok and Twitter to pledge to “fix” their algorithms to prevent controversial viral challenges and the spread of false information. wall street journal.

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In a letter to the heads of three tech companies, National Education Association president Becky Pringle raised concerns over the viral challenges, the spread of false information, conspiracy theories on curriculum and COVID protocols, and urged them to prioritize public safety. wall street journal informed earlier.

It comes as teachers have warning How about the “Slap a Teacher” challenge where students are inspired to strike teachers and staff of the school.

Pringle said companies should make a “public pledge” to “fix their algorithms to control lies and put public safety on profits.” Letter NS wall street journal Posted online.

On Thursday, police in Covington, LA said an 18-year-old high school student was Arrested for allegedly hitting a disabled 64-year-old teacher in his class, which could be are linked “A challenge,” the police said in a statement, WDSU, reported an NBC-affiliated television station in New Orleans.

School staff in Missouri were allegedly slapped as part of a “social media trend,” according to Stephen Hall, the chief communications officer for Springfield Public Schools. KFVS-TV, a CBS affiliate, informed of Tuesday, and was an elementary school teacher in South Carolina Strike on the back of his head last week, which the Lancaster County School District said, “Result Tiktok challenge. ”

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Citing the “rumoured ‘slap a teacher'” challenge as an “insult” to teachers, TikTok said in a Tweet on Wednesday that it is “not trending” on its platform.

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After reports of alleged violence against teachers, the California Teachers Association warned on Tuesday “Teacher beware!” “Slapping a Teacher” Challenge. “As if the widespread vandalism at our schools last month wasn’t enough, the same ‘challenge’ is circulating on social media networks TikTok and Twitter, now calling for students to ‘slap a staff member’.” alert posted Said on Facebook. On Monday, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong sent a Letter TikTok CEO Shaw Zi Chew urges the platform’s leadership to meet with teachers and parents to discuss the impact of viral challenges, “slap a teacher” and “devious licks.” Tong said the latter challenge resulted in the temporary closure of New Britain High School in central Connecticut. Tiktok said in a tweet, was removed Content, hashtags and search results related to the “Dive Licks” challenge.

Biggest teachers union urges TikTok, Facebook, other big tech to stop spread of viral challenges (Wall Street Journal)

A TikTok trend inspired students to steal toilets. Now, school officials say they are slapping teachers. (Washington Post)

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