A growing minority of Republicans believe the US is doing too much to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to a poll released by Morning Consult on Thursday—the same day that Senate Democrats and Republicans voted overwhelmingly to approve $40 billion in aid for Ukraine—that found 27% of GOP voters now think the US is too involved in the war.

Key Facts

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Morning Consult found the percentage of Republican voters who believe the US is doing too much to aid Ukraine more than doubled from 13% in an early March survey to 27% in a May 14-16 survey.

Over the same 10-week period, the share of GOP voters who think the US is not doing enough to halt Russia’s invasion dropped from 36% to 25%, and the percentage who think the US is doing the right amount remained fairly stable, at 32% in March and 34% in May.

Meanwhile, Democrats’ views have remained consistent since the start of the war: More than 70% said the United States is providing either the right amount of aid or not enough in this month’s survey.

Some 39% of all voters think the US is doing enough to assist Ukraine, while 20% said the US is doing too much and 25% said not enough.

Morning Consult polled around 2,000 people, including at least 657 Republican voters, from May 14 to 16.